Hi! I’m Taylor

New to GDF, just bought my first house with my husband and rescue dog in Minnesota. I am currently working remotely as a graphic designer for a credit union and looking to learn and connect here :hugs:
I’m obsessed with dogs and always enjoy dog pics - drop a photo below if you have a lil buddy :dog:

Welcome Aboard Taylor! :slight_smile:

I love pups … but I don’t have any. So here is my sisters big mush who was also a rescue. She worked in rescue for decades.

Lucas says “Howdy!!”

He is about 150lbs of pure lap dog. He thinks he is the size of a Teacup Poodle :wink: Being old and frail … I have to sit down before he greets me or even his “lean” will knock me over :rofl:

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Welcome to the forum, Taylor. And congratulations on the new house. :grinning:

Here’s a photo of our beagle, Mable, when she was a pup. She will turn 16 in a couple of weeks, which is very old. She can’t see or hear well, and has dementia. It’s very sad. I’m not sure how much longer she will last, but she’s been a fantastic dog.

Here’s another photo of her on a camping trip when she was seven or eight.

Here’s what she looks like now.


Aww … what a sweet girl :heart:

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He’s s bigger now!

Hi, Taylor! And Welcome! I’m not into dogs, but I have a squirrel for you (designed by one of my nine-year old family members. Be sure to show it to your dogs! LOL

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