Hi i want to learn about vektor in AI

Hello out there,am from asian country
I started to do design from 6 Month ago from see video in youtube
I’m interest about stationery and another design like invite card,id card,etc commonly about branding ini corporate…im still studying never receive from client

So I want to learn about design…sorry for my bad english

I’ve mentioned this in a few posts. The best way I’ve found to get the basics down is to get “Adobe Classroom in a Book” for Illustrator. Each chapter is based around a set of tools or techniques and you download “work-along” lessons. They are great for beginners and even some basic reference.

You aren’t going to burn up the world with amazing designs, but this will teach you every single basic you will need. Then you just have to practice, practice, practice…

I would also suggest a book. You may be able to find something in your native language that would improve the learning process.

I would also suggest a book along with “Adobe Classroom in a Book” suggested by @Neverman, it’s called “Vector Basic Training” by Von Glitschka.
Run through tutorials on smashingmagazine, tutplus and similar sites. You can learn a lot from there. Learn all illustrator shortcuts and purchase a few plugins from astute (when you make some cash).
This doesn’t make you a designer, however it’s a “quick start guide”.
After that read some books about graphic design, web design, ux/ui etc. Develop your own style afterwards, it’s easy, just do what feels “natural” to you.

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The good thing about classroom in a book is there are step by step illustration, so the language barrier shouldn’t be too bad - judging by the initial question.

Thanks for advice and suggested book to learn about AI
By the way,I wanna improve for my bad english

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