Hi! I'm new too

Hi! I’m a new member too. I signed up because I’m going to school at LAFS for graphic design. I’m super excited to jump into the design community!

Welcome Aboard!! We’ve had several of your classmates join over the past few days :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, clouqbabie. I’ve moved your post to its own thread. We’ve gotten quite a few new forum members from LAFS over the past few days. I’m curious about the name of your instructor who sent all of you here. :wink:

Someone already named him in another thread. :wink:
I’m wondering since this is a 101 course, if all the students are in different majors and we’re only getting some design students.

It’s kinda odd the instructor would suggest forums instead of actual organizations. There are any number of union or trade sites for the film arts. And many specialized areas of graphic and scenic design have their own organizations as well. Networking through places that actually do things in your city or state (when there isn’t a Covid-du-jour going around) might improve your networking possibilities.

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