Hi.. Im new!

My names Maria! Im a current graphic Design/ Web Coder student at my local University. Joined here to get some pointers on my work. I appologize in advance… Im a very shy person.

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Not sure why you’re apologizing. For being shy? Nothing wrong with that.

Welcome to GDF.

Welcome Maria!

You can lurk all you like :smiley:

People don’t know if you’re shy online.

Introverted and shy people often make the best designers since they tend to be introspective, focused and sensitive to things more extroverted people sometimes miss. Besides, nobody knows who you are here, so there’s not much to worry about. :grinning:

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome aboard … from one introvert to another :heart:

We are all here to help if we can … so feel free to ask away. :slight_smile:


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