Hi, Midlife Career change here, because I have a second chance

Ill try & make a long story short; took Art & CDT (Craft Design Technology) at high school in the UK as Graphic design or illustration was one (of half a dozen), career ideas. produced the occasional decent piece; for the most part had issues focusing; produced very little work for submission; just scraped a pass; never drew again, that was 1992.

Jump forward 24 years:I emigrated to Canada, was clinically diagnosed with Adult ADHD (No surprise really, explained alot about the last 3 decades). At the same time we were also blessed with twins, I became a stay home dad (Child care too expensive for 2, & my erratic employment histor: major factors). How is all this relevant ? Answer: my boys got an art and craft set for Christmas, & I discovered that with my meds I had the focus patients that were absent at high school. I’ve now spent hour upon hour drawing & painting the last 3 months, without getting frustrated or losing interest. This coincided with my trying to figure what I want to do once the boys start school.

My best chance of success is to do something that keeps me focused & passionate. After lots of soul searching & reasearch I ended up back at Graphic Design or Illustration. So here I am 44 years old, beging this new journey, I’m looking to do Toronto Film Schools Online Graphic Design program to this end.

*Side bar: ADHD is real, I agree is over diagnosed in kids by Dr’s with out referrals to specialists confirming the diagnosis.

Following on from my diagnosis, & finding the right medication (I still have mild symptoms but nothing compared to hiw i used to be) I can actually look back & see the pattern of behaviour and the major impacts resultant from it.

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My wife has ADHD, and takes Adderall. It enabled her to focus for long enough blocks of time to get through graduate school. However, she’s more fun and easier going when she’s not taking it. The Adderall tends to make her hyperfocused to the exclusion of other things of equal importance, which seem to get ignored.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing one can take only when one needs to concentrate. It takes her several days to bring herself down from the Adderall, and it’s typically not a pleasant several days for me to endure either.

Welcome to GDF. And, not that you need my approval, but I highly approve of your screen name.

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Welcome aboard and nice to meet you :slight_smile:

There is a couple ofvdifferent types, and levels ot ADHD. I am definitely less fun on my meds (Vyvanse), as I now engage my brain before my mouth (most of the time), so I don’t make as many ‘inappropriate but funny/ quick witted’ comments or observations. However, that’s also got me in trouble in the past. In addition to focus, I’m also more calm with better impulse control and have less anger/overreation issues, so my family is happier with a more stable me.

That impulse control, and Being able to focus (on many things, not just my drawing) has brought a new prospective to my life.

That’s the pay off for me being less fun to be around. My friends would also agree with me that I am more boring nowadays without my ‘inappropriate or quick witted’ responses. But they also don’t miss my sudden temper tantrums over the insignificant things.

But this is about design, & hopefully now I can focus on my drawing (& act more appropriatly in the work place)I can make it career two decades after I dismissed it.

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