Hi there! I am new

Greetings! :sunglasses: Just would like to introduce myself like other newbies.

My real name is Mike and I am currently working as freelance artist and digital painter. Being a big video gaming fan I like to create concept arts from my favorite game, for example Skyrim, The Witcher 3 etc. I have a dream to work as artist on some indie game project where I can create and draw myself all characters and creatures.

Also I have some skills in photography and photo editing. I share some of my works on 500px where I have pseudonym Lucas Olster:

I have skills in different software like Photoshop, Gimp, Zbrush, Affinity, 3Ds Max, Adobe Illustrator etc.

I would like to find new friends here, share my artworks and obtain new experience. Thanks :blush:

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Welcome, Yarro. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Welcome Aboard! Nice to meet you Yarro :slight_smile:


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Hello and welcome! Hope you’ll like it here.

Welcome to the forum Yarri (Mike). I’l glad you found us. :grinning:

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