Hi there!

Hi everyone my name is Luis, I am from Venezuela, for political and economic problems I had to flee my country and have moved to Ireland, I had to learn English in a couple of months! so my writing isn’t great. I have been working in the wide format printing industry since 2006! We own a couple of printers Roland and other finishing machines!
Thank you guys for inviting me to this forum!

Thanks for joining. Sorry about your home country, I hope things get better. I can’t stand that children are literally starving. I wish there was something we could do within this community to help the situation.

Hi Ivan
Thank you very much for your concern! actually, we are felling that the end of the regime is very close, thanks to the international community and the people who stayed in Venezuela they never gave up! for people like me the ones who made the decision to left our country our duty was and always been, through all these years, let the people from others country know what is happening in our country!
Communism is like a very strong virus with very good propaganda!
All this catastrophe was started by Hugo Chavez 20 years ago.

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I watched the recent BBC interview with Maduro a day or two ago. It’s as though he’s out of touch with reality — a very sad situation. With luck, it will change soon.

That aside, welcome to the forum. No need to apologize for your writing skills — your English seems pretty good.

Welcome @luisman634 . Shitty you had to leave Venezuela for political reasons. Hope things will be better soon. Great you found a place in Ireland, hope everything is alright there. If you just learned English you do very well!

I’m glad you are in a good place now. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!!! :heart:


Thank you all! for your warm welcoming and good wishes!
I will try to contribute as much as I can to this forum.
kind regards

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