Hi ya'll!

I’m mostly a programmer, but I’ve been designing websites and desktop apps since 2000 so have a million and a half opinions about design at this point. I still feel a little phony when I call myself a designer, but hopefully that feeling fades over time :sweat_smile:.

I found your crit forum just now after deciding /r/design_critiques is too painful to post on for the quality of feedback I get, and after looking around the rest of this place I’m excited to hang out with ya’ll :slight_smile:.

Hey welcome. I am sort of a newcomer myself. Just rejoined after a very long hiatus. A re-newcomer I guess. Anyhow I went the other way from you. I was a designer first, and now a full-time programmer.

I have to say that I think it is good when a programmer at least makes an effort to understand and improve any design ambitions that he/she has. There are so many applications, built by a very well meaning programmer, that have been very solid software wise that were doomed to fail because you could not stand to look at them! And we wont even talk about programmer websites. You know what I mean. Monokai, and Solarized Dark, might be great themes in a code editor, but they stink for website design!

Oh man I love that you mentioned editor color schemes. Awhile ago, I gave myself a fun challenge to make a site with some… pretty heavy constraints :joy:… Take a look: blog.johncs.com.

Hiya Johncs!!

This is exactly what I said a couple days ago to a gal who also suffered at the hands of Reddit.

Places like Reddit have Swarm mentalities and are filled with people trying to outdo one another with snarky and what they think are clever comments. There is also very little governing of such behavior.

We give honest critiques here. Honesty can appear to be harsh at times. No one likes to hear negative things about what they have poured their heart and soul into. They are meant to have you learn and grow. Never to be seen as being attacked or bullied. We don’t allow anyone to be mean and nasty.

So, enjoy the forum and use all the tools at your disposal. We are here to help :slight_smile:


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Welcome aboard! :sailboat::smiley:

Welcome to the madness.

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