Hi :)!

Hi everyone,

I’m not completely new to design but I feel like I have a lot to learn regarding the process part of graphic design in particular. My main focus has always been art and illustration, sometimes animation (as this was what I did back in the day at a company) After years working for a studio as an artist, I’ve moved countries and have been working fulltime at stores trying to figure out which way I wanted to go. Now want to immerse myself completely into the art of graphic design with hopefully gaining enough experience to become an independent designer :slightly_smiling_face:

Why start now? I made some changes for the past years and learned a few things about myself and setting some goals. Resulting in that I’m not the type of person who is motivated enough to build on someone elses company, but rather seeing my own.

Within Graphic Design I’m leaning towards learning about Logo / Icon design, illustrations and handlettering, or just lettering in particular and I’m also eager to learn about film and photography as this is a really nice additional skill to have (plus so much fun to learn!). I hope to be getting some decent experience at a design studio once I have the right portfolio material after which I can take steps to proceed on my own after that.

Next to this ambition I’m an aspiring storyteller, love films and to listen to motivational podcasts and need to be around plants and animals a lot :smile:
Well that was a bit about me. Looking forward to meeting you fellow designers and supporting eachother throughout!


Welcome Aboard!!! Glad you found us :slight_smile:


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Very fascinating introduction!

By way of making a connection; I’ve done some freelance videography projects myself, so I understand your draw to video. I had an interest in animation that I never followed up on, and don’t think I will. I started working in web design and plan to follow that path now.

However, I’d love to hear about your animating experience! Would you mind sharing some more of that?

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Thanks for the welcoming guys.

To answer your question in short; I have a degree in animation and started working at a game developer shortly after. I created their in-game assets and illustrations :slight_smile: as handdrawn animation is basically a lot of drawings this seemed a pretty good complement and it was fun to do.

Would love to get back into it, but there’s this risk of running too many projects at once and making so little progress.

Interesting, what kind of video projects did you work on and where did you find your clients?

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Just local people and organizations that I knew. I was mostly doing recap videos for youth events at a couple local churches in the area. I had a lot of freedom to make them really fun and zany, which I really liked.

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