How bad is this design? 🤢

Trying out a new side project let me know what you think about the design and UX:


On the first sight, I love the color palette you’ve chosen and the animations!

However I think your ‘‘contact us’’ button and the text on the right isn’t aligned.

Convert your existing contact links to an interactive chat --> cool, but why would I (the visitor) want that? Is it gonna make my life easier? People won’t scroll often so you have to convince them very fast.

And how about the hierarchy? Your animation explains what the point of the site is, yet the contact button is below the header. Is this the same in mobile version?

I’ll be honest: your header is kinda boring perhaps too basic, you have few seconds to grab someone attention. Perhaps you should play a little with the animation?

Good luck,


Thank you very much for the feedback. I agree with everything you said. I am having a hard time with the copy and communicating the purpose/ benefits of this.
Perhaps if in the header I talk about how traditional contact forms are a boring user experience and it would be really great to engage your website visitors with a conversational experience like a chatbot?
I really appreciate your help.

I think the font size in the initial animation is too small. I’m struggling to read it before it gets whipped away and new text replaces it. Further down, the body copy is too far away from the headings meaning the association isn’t too strong. Moving them closer together would tighten up that.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I really appreciate it, I have made the changes you suggested.

I’m confused

OK. That’s sort of clear assuming one knows what a chatbox is. You’re offering a way to put chatboxes into websites.

What? Why would you want to trick people into thinking they were sending an email, then have them end up in a chatbox? Why would I, as a user of the site, want this? If this happened to me, I’d click out of the site in about one second.

I don’t know what this means or why I would want to have chats with people from my contact list on a random website.

In addition to mixing singular and plural while referring to “an avatar”, isn’t a chatbox typically meant for visitors to ask questions instead of the other way around?

I could go on, but I’m baffled by what you’re offering. I suspect I’m misunderstanding some crucial things about it. If I were you, I’d seriously consider hiring a freelance copywriter to clarify what you’re selling.

Thank you for the critical eye! I am awful at writing and expressing my thoughts so you’re spot on with your recommendation for getting a copywriter.

I will fix the weird plural thing. I think maybe it should be, “Customize your chatbot by choosing an avatar, giving it a name, and scripting messages you would like your visitors to respond to.”

What? Why would you want to trick people into thinking they were sending an email, then have them end up in a chatbox? Why would I, as a user of the site, want this? If this happened to me, I’d click out of the site in about one second.

This is a great question. Personally I think having the chatbot popup when someone clicks a “contact us” link is a much better user experience than having the browser prompt the user to open an email client and compose their own email. It allows the site owner to direct the conversation while keeping the experience conversational and seamless all while the visitor never has to leave the page.

Now you’re saying “contact us” rather than an email link. A “contact us” link doesn’t necessarily imply an email link, like you wrote on your website. If anything, “contact us” implies a link to another page with a selection of ways to contact a company.

If it looks like an email link, it should open an email client. If it looks like a link to a form for the server to process, it should be clear that’s what it is. If it’s a link to a chatbox that will open, that ought to be clear too.

What isn’t OK is to create what looks like an email link, then have it be something else instead, like a chatbox with someone prompting you to ask something.

I don’t mean to make a big deal out of this, but it’s a good example of why you need a copywriter to help you make the language on the whole site clear, simple, straight-forward and understandable. Otherwise, you lose customers.

For the big picture, here’s an informative article on user-friendly website practices. You’ll notice that simple navigation and transparency are pretty key.

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the fonts came to me a little rough. but overall beautiful design

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Thank you for the kind words! I’ll look into pre fetching the fonts

I like design and UX, but the whole point is not ideal for me.

In your sample, the customer ask for the price, it would be perfect if the bot can
answer simple question like that. and if the customer will ask more then thats the time you will ask for the email etc. :slight_smile:

Chatbot Instantly help customers in their “faq” and can record all the conversation and send to you(owner)?

Hey, your design is good, but not perfect at all. You should make it more adaptive for clients to not lose them. Here are some pieces of advice how to improve it. Good luck!

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