How can i improve this logo? Need inspiration :)

So, I’m a musician and I wanna start posting music-related stuff on social media so that I can start to build a portfolio of what I do. Nothing elaborate, but I thought it would be cool if I could be a tad bit more professional and try to establish some kind of “brand” that looks consistent across platforms.

Logo explanation:
-My real initials are j.a.m. I wanna start making videos where I jam around with either myself or my fellow musicians who agree to engage with me. I think that would be… sweet. :sweat_smile:
-There is a jam lid with cloth that is tied by string.
-There is a musical note on the M to indicate that it is music-related.

I was going for a very minimalistic and flat design so that I can have a bit of flexibility with how I use it.

Please share your honest thoughts on this. I’m still contemplating whether I’m stretching this idea too far into confusion. :rofl: I’d rather not hire a pro designer, but I may consider it if the feedback goes in that direction.

Does this look like a skirt instead of a jam lid with cloth?


Should I add hanging string? bow knot? Not necessary?

Try it. Maybe it gets too complex then.

Does the A need to be perfectly centred? Does it seem off-balanced?

No. It isn’t strictly necessary imho. More important to me is proper kerning. J<>dot feels wider than A<>dot and dot<>M is too close, but could be improved by leaving out the note.

Are the rounded edges too inconsistent?

Yes, I think so.

Is this musical note prominent enough?

No. Leave it away. You don’t need it. You’ll probably end up in the music category anyway.

Lid and cloth remind me of a drum.

Can you still see the jar when you make the white parts red without the red circle?


I got the jam jar right off, because it says Jam right on it. :slight_smile:
The fact that it looks like a drum as well, I thought kind of clever.

The musical note looks like an error. Another dot. You don’t really need it.

On the label corners, the corners should probably match. They would only be slightly smaller at the bottom if you are forcing the perspective and the sides should probably taper in a bit.

The label should also be smaller than the band on the top. A jam jar usually tapers,narrower at the bottom. That’s why the sides of the label should probably taper as well. And center it. Not necessarily the A, but the label itself.
Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 8.31.49 AM

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I picked up on the jar of jam right away, and I actually think it’s a nice use of negative space to create the illusion of the jar.

That said, is it appropriate to the audience? If you’re into death metal, for example, this might not resonate with the audience. And, yes, the pun was fully intended.

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The M is the most complex letter in J.A.M , there really is no reason to make it even more complex. On the other hand, the letter J is literally begging to be converted into a musical note.

I don’t think the full stops are appropriate. Changing them to bullets makes more sense.

Like Steve-O said, I agree the logo is quite clever.

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I like the simplicity and the use of negative space that implies the missing part of the jar.

It took me a few seconds to realize the wavy shape was the top of the jam inside the jar. Instead, the first thing I saw was this.

I also wondered about the big dot hanging off the M. At first, it looked like a mistake. It didn’t strike me as a musical note. As @Eriskay said, if you want to incorporate a note into the letters, the J might make a pretty good quarter note. Even then, it might be one too many little things to put into an otherwise simple logo. I also agree with Eriskay about the full stops (periods). Bullets would be better.

The perspective on the label seems a bit off. Both ends should probably be slightly shorter than the middle to add to the illusion of wrapping around a jar. As @PrintDriver mentioned, the corners need a little work.

Despite the possible problems, it’s really pretty good.

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Hey guys! Thanks for the super helpful suggestions so far! :smiley: Lots to consider
Just thought I’d show an earlier design that included the string knot. I liked it at first but then I scrapped it. Hmm… Lemme know thoughts :thinking:

I’m gonna try to make an updated version with the suggestions when I get the chance. Might be a while though

Maybe because it isn’t the top of the jam inside the jar imho and looks actually a bit like what you saw first. :wink:

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Ahhhh! That’s why Bluejay was thinking about a string wrapped around the top. Apparently, I’m clueless about something others see as commonplace. Maybe it’s weird, but I have no memory of ever seeing cloth wrapped around the top of a jar. Nor have I ever seen a jam jar shaped like that. PrintDriver’s comments about tapering make more sense to me now.

Here in the remote deserts of Utah, we live very sheltered lives and avoid interacting with the real world. :wink:


I like the alternate two color logo plus the string. Dump the note dot on the M. And you’ve already been given good input on the type and dots (periods). Nice effort for an amateur!

Once again, much thanks for the helpful feedback! I haven’t settled yet, so please feel free to continue giving your honest feedback :slightly_smiling_face:.

Following changes based on feedback:

  1. The note on the M: This is a very interesting challenge and I’m not sure if I have the perfect solution yet. I agree with all the comments stating that the musical note isn’t doing much favours. That said, I need something (even if it’s subtle) to make it look like it’s music-related and it’s quite tricky. Someone suggested turning the J into a note and I thought that was a really good idea, but it was very challenging to get it to still look like a simple J. I decided to go back to the M and turn the note into a distinct eight-note ( ♪ ) instead of a quarter-note ( ♩ ). Did that work out? Not sure :sweat_smile:. Please share your thoughts or ideas.
    @Joe @PrintDriver @Just-B @Eriskay @PopsD

  2. Tapered and centred the label and used bullets. Ngl, I completely forgot to ensure that the sides of the label were shorter to fix the perspective, but I’m wondering if that’s ok since it is now tapered.
    @PrintDriver @Just-B @Eriskay

  3. Attempted to add a bow knot. Wondering if it is a worthwhile addition both aesthetically and in terms of clarity. Like, is it needed to make sure it looks like a jam jar lid with a tied cloth?
    @Joe @PopsD

  4. Kerning better? Could be improved? Hard to tell🤔

Ooo that is a really good point. My genres are pretty broad, but I’m mostly in the space of Gospel, CCM, Reggae, Jazz, and RnB. Thanks for commenting!