How can I make this sexier?

I am working on a concept that was given to me to draw up about a product…I have removed some text information for sensitive issues… the attached is what I have so far… and I am not happy with it.

The concept is this product has some inner core features which then serve out to the wider world in various industries.

What other way could I tackle this? Appreciate any advice or ideas.

Many thanks

I concur with your dissatisfaction. The concentric circles are static and pedestrian. Opportunities for direction and hierarchy are stifled.

Generally, better ideas are not up for giveaway here, and this may not be the ultimate solution, but since you’ve already got a clue in the design…
A search for “molecule infographic” could turn up some inspiring examples.


I would give it some more color and dimension. Here’s a rough sketch of what I’m thinking.
(Just my first thought) Hope this helps.



Thanks, I will try that.

It just seems there is too much dead space everywhere. I am not sure if the circular concept will work when there are not enough elements out the outer side.

If you had more to add then I think it would become too cluttered. You could give the icons more dimension, or add some more illustrated graphics around them for more of a scene for each item… “railway” could have an illustrated railway scene with tracks, trees… etc… then you could spread each of those items out a bit and take up some of the dead space. Have fun!

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Before doing anything to make it “sexier” or better looking, I’ll suggest concentrating on whatever you’re trying to communicate.

It seems to have something to do with electrical power generation, transmission and use, but I haven’t a clue as to what it’s trying to say.

Graphic design is about visual communication where aesthetics are used to help facilitate that communication. First and foremost, you need to concentrate on this infographic making sense. Making it look good is secondary to that.

There is short text on the inner core above the icons and some points which anchor meaning, but I have removed for this post.

The general premise is this product has 6 core features which filter out to some product variants, which in turn serve a large variety of industries.

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