How is this to use for my website

Remember, you asked …

I have to caveat the following response, because you didn’t provide any background information, with the fact that I have no idea of your age or experience. However, it is not in the student section, I am assuming you are a professional wannabe?

If you are a student, still at school and just learning, then this critique is far too harsh and I retract it. Give us some idea of where you are at.

However, if you are older and looking to work professionally … Honestly, looking at that, my first reaction is that has been put together by somebody completely unqualified to be offering professional graphic services of any kind.

What is your background?

I am not trying to be hurtful, but the industry is awash with people who think it is a cool thing to do and did art at school. I’m afraid this displays a thorough lack of understanding of typography,

Back to the drawing board I am afraid.

There are too many things wrong with it, just with the aesthetics alone to start giving a constructive critique. Alignment. Scale. Font choices. Who is this aimed at? Who is your target audience. Are you providing graphics signage service? Brand Identity? You need to give some sort of context as to what job it is trying to do.

Don’t give up the day job just yet, or at least get an education before you do.


I’m afraid that I agree with @Sprout. Your work needs a great deal of improvement.

If you’re an amateur having fun and trying to learn, that’s great. However, you have much to learn before you’re ready to begin offering professional services.

I have no suggestions to improve what you posted because the concept and execution are fundamentally flawed. I suggest spending time looking at well-designed logos and analyzing what makes them work or not work.


First off, it is utterly pointless for the full stop to be there (Man, I’ve been waiting for this chance). Think “IBM.”, “UK.”, or “FA. Cup”.

Then, the drop shadows in SG. are all over the place.

Thirdly, give a chance for “Steve Graphics” to breathe. Open up the gap.

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You’ve noticed one of the uglier features of my all-time least favorite typeface on the planet — Algerian.


Great minds hate alike.


My thoughts exactly. This typeface is so old it’s growing very long and very gray whiskers. Dump it and start over.

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Did SCOPE become Steve Graphics?

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I thought it was you!

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