How to change resolution without altering the size

Hello All,

New to graphic design. Trying to learn. Trying to figure out how to change a jpg resolution to 150dpi without altering the size.

What do you mean by size? The physical dimensions or the number of pixels?

Image menu > Image size > Resample check box

Checking the resample checkbox will change the pixel resolution to conform to whatever dimensions are entered. Unchecking the resample box will do the opposite and scale the dimensions to conform to whatever pixel resolution is entered.

Just in case: if you’re planning to increase the number of pixels in an image, it’s doable, but it does nothing to improve the quality of the image.

Thank You for your reply. I am trying to get physical imprint area of 66" x 18" in 150 DPI in jpg format. it is straight text. It doesn’t seem to be the font causing a problem. It seems to be I can’t find the right program . Maybe it’s just purely because I don’t know what I am doing.

I guess I should have asked first if you’re using Photoshop. I just assumed that you were. What program are you using?

If it’s just text, why can’t you just create a document at the dimensions and resolution you mentioned, then type in the words? Or are you trying to take an already existing image or a scan and resize it? If you’re trying to increase the resolution, like I said in my first response, it’s doable, but it’s waste of time since it will just be fuzzy.

Really, though, if it’s a straight text you’re creating from scratch (as opposed to an already existing image or scan), you should be using a resolution-independent vector application, like Adobe Illustrator. For that matter, if it is nothing but text, even if you already have an already existing image, I’d recreate it in a vector application. The file will be smaller that way, and since resolution won’t be an issue, it will be razor sharp.

You mentioned not knowing much about this kind of thing, which makes it difficult to answer you question. Maybe if you could try to explain in a little more detail what you’re doing, what you’re using and what problem you’re running into, it could help.

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