How to make logo designs?

Graphic logo design Ideas and shapes. Leave your comments below, thanks, salutes.


No one here is going to do your work for you. If you have a logo you designed, post it for a critique.

If you have to ask, I can’t tell you.

– Louis Armstrong

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If you are just looking for inspiration … you have given no direction at all.

“Graphic logo design Ideas and shapes”

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My comment is that logo design involves much more than choosing a trendy font and a piece of clip art for a crowd sourcing competition and that the best results will come from an experienced professional working directly with the client.

My comment is choose another profession.
I’m not kidding.
The bottom 3/4 of this profession is a bunch of nephews-with-photoshop climbing all over each other for pennies on crowdsource sites. No matter how much you “love art” figure out something else that will keep you fed, clothed and housed.


Graphics and design. Ask for more information, salutes.

There are two kinds of logo design: Good ones and bad ones. Try to stick with the former.

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What you’re looking for there is an education.

Do you really think asking such a question (I am assuming it is a question and not an imperative statement) has a succinct, pithy answer, that we could type in a few sentences and suddenly you can be a cool designer?

Like all professions, there is a lot to learn and that knowledge takes years to acquire.

If you are interested in becoming a designer, ask google what it is, then come back here for specific help and advice. In fact, most of what you are likely to ask will have been asked and answered before, so a subsequent search of this forum will probably help you out.

Good luck with figuring out what you want to find out.

No one will actually help to design a logo for you. Search on YouTube for logo design Tutorials and learn how to do that. I think It would be best way for you to learn logo design for beginners.


Course from well established designer will help you to design better logo in less time bacuse they have have good process & explaination skill.

I hope this helps

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YouTube logo design tutorials are the absolute pits.
Use established learning courses, like LinkedIn Learning.
And other well established courses.

I often find YouTubers are amateurs with little experience, bad practices and little knowledge of real world application of logos which leads to costly mistakes.

Buy books - do accredited courses - read - do - understand

Troll 12
Don’t bother

:joy: Talk about an open ended question.

Not sure if I know How to make logo designs. I only know half of it.

OP is long gone. They never came back after posting this in June.

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