Howdy from Seattle

Hey just joined, wanted to introduce myself

Name’s Isaac, I live in Seattle and have been working in design for a bit over a decade. Currently my full time gig is doing art direction/packaging design/whatever else comes up at Willie Nelson’s cannabis company Willie’s Reserve and his CBD company Willie’s Remedy.

I also do a lot of freelance art direction and illustration on the side with a focus on marrying the two into packaging design work. On top of that I design risograph, foil, and giclée prints and posters as a little side hustle to sell online.

Wouldn’t let me post links but if you wanna find my work I’m on the follow sites. I’m hoping this is ok as the forum rules say to post your own links when appropriate to the discussion. So I guess correct me if I’m wrong

Instagram: @nicetriangles
Dribbble: /nicetriangle
Behance: /nicetriangle


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Welcome, tell Willie I love him!

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Well, that sounds interesting. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Aboard!

Do you offer free samples?

haha! … kiddingggg :stuck_out_tongue: But, that sure does sound like a fun job! :slight_smile:

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I checked out your Behance page. Nice stuff, especially the illustrations.

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I just looked at your work. Nice! I love the old, outdoorsy letterpress look to the illustrations. The packaging is fantastic too. I hope Willie is paying you what you’re worth. :wink:

Lovely work. Welcome.

Welcome to the board, @nicetriangle! I also dig the work you’ve put on your Bēhance profile!

:sunglasses: :+1:

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