How's your weather?

Our weather is on an acid trip to say the least :wink:

Things on the East Coast are on the brink to say the least. With that last blast of snow some places got close to 3 feet and 1000’s are still without power in MA last I heard. I think everyone in NY has has power restored. It was such a wet, heavy snow it brought down trees and power lines across the region. We are just seeing most of it melting and guess what … MORE!

I don’t know where folks are gonna put it all … we are due for another 17 inches!!!

Ahhhh!!! :scream::scream:

From the Forensic Weather Guy


That’s looking like Ontario weather heat on in the morning, windows open in the afternoon rinse and repeat. No snow in my area, which is a bit weird for the time of year.

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That’s what it’s like here too … it’s crazy right now. One day a sweater … the next full on snow gear lol :smiley:

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We’ve had an unusual winter here in Utah. It was dry and warm, as in well above freezing, severe drought and only receiving about a quarter of the snow we usually get.

But now, right as spring usually starts to show itself, we’ve been hit with a series of storms more typical of January. Yesterday evening, I had to shovel about 18 inches of snow off the driveway, and the week before that another 16 inches or so.

I can’t complain, though — we really need the water. Unlike some other parts of the country, we depend on the snowpack in the mountains to last us through the summers. No snow means dead lawns and range fires once July and August roll around.

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Well I do hope that has improved your water issues. As much as I don’t like snow anymore … the damage I’ve seen dry and brittle do to so many lately is just horrible :frowning:

This is what last Friday’s storm surge and high winds did to the MA coastal towns

Came right at the height of the full moon and they had to contend with 3 high tides.
It was all mostly coastal though with wind gusts to 90mph. Most of the trees around here aren’t too healthy to begin with due to drought, bugs and disease.

Some parts of the mid and lower Cape are still without power.
Where I was, pretty well inland, it was just a blustery driving rain and a slightly sucky ride home.

I do NOT want another foot of snow. I was out in the garden last weekend cleaning up. It’s thawed and ready to go!!!

Sorry guys, perfect temps here in New Zealand :stuck_out_tongue:


I heard it was bad PD … but I hadn’t seen any pics. Damn :frowning: It really did a number on you guys :frowning:

… and @riddlez … don’t rub it in LOL :smiley: :smiley:


Summer’s come early to my part of the world (yay global warming) and our nightmare is just beginning. They’re predicting temperatures higher than 50 degrees Celsius.

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:crazy_face: yikes! I barely remain in a solid state at the temperature you call spring. That’s considered summer and rather hot where I am.

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New Jersey has another projected storm, even worse than the last. Weatherman says Ice-golems may appear this time, some maybe large enough to toss small cars.


Sheesh! Severe weather all over :flushed:

I was just reading this article … the storm last week ravaged the coastline in Maine so badly that it upturned a Revolutionary War ship … wow!!

I know! It’s criminal.

I’ve never even seen snowfall in my 40-year-old life. It’s in the top three on my bucket list.

Snow is fun for, um, maybe a day or two. Well, there are fun things to do in the snow, but everyday outdoor activities are somewhat impeded by it.

The weather report you posted was from Delhi. If that’s where you’re from, you’ve got the biggest, tallest mountains in the world just a ways to the north of you. One item on your bucket list could be checked off by visiting them, or maybe the higher, snowy reaches are more inaccessible — I don’t know. For me, my bucket list item of visiting the Himalayas means a trip halfway around the world.

fixed it for you :wink:


I’m from Toronto, and we are having better weather than most of the rest of the world. Try to explain that?

Today’s Storm:

After getting about 5 inches it seems to have stopped … so I went to check … yup … it’s just a lull lol :wink: We will probably see more before the day is out. We are in the bear spot between the two big blue areas. The arrow shows the way the storm is moving. I think most folks around here are pretty well done with Winter for this year. I hear tell Spring is only 13 days away. I’ll believe it when I see it :wink:

RKK, I thought you were in NY state? Your arrow is pointing to somewhere in NH.

I am … the arrow was just showing the direction the 2nd wave was heading… I stupidly thought it might miss us … nope lol. We have about a foot out there now :smiley:

@Mr-B, @PanToshi Thanks so much for raining on my parade, people. :roll_eyes:

And here I was thinking I’ll make B feel better by asking if seeing the Aurora Borealis is on his bucket list. Because it is on mine and that’s the other end of the world for me.

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