How's your weather?

Here, it’s 74° F and cloudy, which is unusual. I checked a couple of days ago, and for the past month, the average high daily temperature here was 100° F.

I don’t like it that hot, but I get accustomed to it. After a prolonged stretch of high temperatures, 80° seems almost like jacket weather.

Hot and dry is okay. We’re pretty close to 70% humidity. I walk outside and immediately break a sweat. Good thing the yard is dead. I don’t have to do the lawn and can sit here in the cellar with the cats. I’d rather be on the boat though

Yeah, the humidity is the big difference between where you and I live. Here, the average humidity on a hot summer day is, perhaps, thirty-some percent. We rarely get a good rainstorm in the summer, and when that happens, the humidity goes up, but the temperatures come down, so it’s never an issue.

Here in Utah’s valleys, there’s never enough rain to grow anything except sagebrush and other high desert plants. We get all our water from snow melt from the adjacent mountains, where there’s usually enough winter precipitation to keep things irrigated in the valleys during the following summer.

All our gardens, lawns, farmland, city trees, etc., must be regularly irrigated, or they die. I have a lawn where I’ve set the sprinkler timers to water twice a day. Anything less, and it dries up and dies. Nobody here has rain barrels because there’s never enough rain to fill a barrel.

I’ve never lived anywhere other than in a desert, so are you saying that you and your fellow New Englanders depend almost exclusively on rain to keep things green? Couldn’t you have watered your garden and lawn with a hose for a few days? These are stupid questions, but my always having lived in an area where irrigating is a regular, daily summer chore, depending on Mother Nature to keep things green seems a bit magical.

They irrigate farms here. Most have wells. I pay town water. Nope. Plus, I think watering a lawn is…uh…wasteful. My lawn is an interesting combination of crabgrass, clover, violets and other things. The front lawn has two big thirsty oak trees under it and is pretty dead compared to the back.

Weird thing about the crabgrass, it is the only thing alive in the front lawn and every morning, without rain, it always has dew on it. Someone should study that. LOL!

I can’t remember last when the rain barrels went dry. Usually it is fine. It’s been a good 3 weeks, maybe 4 since a good day of rain. “Scattered showers” don’t cut it. I don’t have much in the garden anyway. Not enough to make a dent in my grocery bill. :laughing:

Hot and humid.

I went on a bike ride this morning. Over a 2.5 hour ride, I lost 4 pounds … and that’s while drinking 3 bottles or water, 2 bottles of Gatorade, and eating some snacks.