How's your weather?

My Japanese maple is still in bare branches. We’re in Toronto, mind you.

The forecast is 10 cm of snow tonight. Yay.

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Our turn …

How come when it’s 0 degrees in December you have the heat on, doors closed, and big thick wooly trousers and jumper? But in May, it’s 0 degrees, in a t-shirt, no socks, door wide open…

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Because tomorrow it will be back to 30º.

Do you promise?

I promise as a TV weather person would.

That’s good enough for me.

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That’s kinda like using the space heater to heat the bathroom to 65° in the winter to take a shower - and it still feels freezing when you get out. But in the summer 65° is shorts and t-shirt weather.


Someone flipped the switch again :smiley:

It’s been so cold, rainy and gray through all of April and Yesterday and today it’s gorgeous, sunny and 60° :heart:

Past two days woulda been really nice except for the wind. Both Saturday and Sunday were supposedly in the mid-60s but straightline 30mph north winds made it feel like 40F. It was too hot to be out in the sun while geared up for the wind. Weird. But I got quite a bit of gardening done…as much done as gardening ever is, LOL

(and this is not me thinking the comment will post by hitting return, LOL. Waaaay too much time on Discord the past few nights :laughing:)

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Here in the Midwest, we’ve had one of the nicest sprigs I can remember for some time. All too frequently, spring is two weeks between running your furnace and having to turn the air conditioner on. It’s been a nice, long one this year.

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This was Tuesday evening, 11th May during a terrific thunderstorm. The rain was loud enough but then hail …

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