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I have attached my portfolio. :sweat_smile: Let the critic begin! :sweat_smile:

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I like what I see. You have talent.

However, there’s not much there. A good well-rounded portfolio that will convince clients or employers to hire a designer typically shows more and communicates how the work solved the problems and was beneficial to the clients or employers.

I’m seeing lots of potential, so I’m wondering if it would be worth it for you to create some more work — even if it’s work just intended for your portfolio — to show of your skills.

Totally agree with @Just-B, your work is good, but you should brake down your process and demonstrate the problem your client faced and how you arrived at a solution for it.

Would recomend you have a look on Behance and work is presented there by some of the well established branding firms and I would emulate that in your case studies.

OMG… I am really loving all the critics ( I know should be sad but I am not). It makes me want to push myself. I keep getting “yea it looks good” but nothing more.

I know I need to add more in my portfolio. Just trying to figure out what should I? I wanted to try creating 3d logos and more detailed illustrations.

Thanks a lot. It really means a lot to me!

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Well, best is actual past work. But if you’re not at that stage yet, you might want to focus on hypothetical projects for potential prospects in your area. Just look around you and ask yourself, which of these local companies would I like to have as my dream clients, and which ones would be more the bread-and-butter guys - and then imagine some rebrand or campaign for them (you better change their names in your projects though). We’ll be looking forward to pick them apart like clients from hell! :innocent:

I recommend working on the existing projects more.

For example, for Upscale Munchies, you could design the stickers or packaging of various sizes for the truffles, as well as a menu, business card, signage etc. I just have a question about the logo though, the company makes truffles but the logo has a cookie in it. Do they also sell cookies?

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