Hygiene Logo (For Sell)

Former Contest Logo.

Are you trying to sell it here?
Did you win that former contest?
That’s a really RGB-looking blue color.
Linear gradients on curved shapes that have nothing at all to do with light source?

I guess these days you can try to sell just about anything on the internet. The concept of pre-designed logos boggles my mind though. You really gotta wonder how many potential marks there are out there thinking, “Hmm…today I will sell a bar of soap and go on the internet to find a “hygiene logo” without doing any research into whether it is appropriately appealing to my clientele as a brand and without knowing if the logo is production ready.”

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Thanks for your opinion,sir. I need more opinions for learn about logo’s concept. I just little hard for describe my logo concept,cos my English is weak :sweat_smile:

Was this done in Photoshop or Illustrator.
Do you understand the concept of RGB vs CMYK vs Spot Color for logos?
Do you understand the production issues encountered when a logo is used for all the purposes a logo is used. Beyond web and print, there are other processes for which this would have to be adjusted.

Even with print, the white lines will tend to fill in if any dot gain is involved. And you’ve pretty much involved white as a 4th color if this is done on anything other than a white background. (I’m assuming the nasty green color box is just being used “for show.”) If the green box is part of the logo, reconsider your negative space aspects.

Don’t rely on gradients to pretty things up. Especially if not used appropriately.

Kaffandi_14, this forum is made up of professional graphic designers. We are in the business of creating logos rather than buying logos.

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