I am Denise

Hello guys. I am Denise and I am a self-taught Graphics designer. I am looking for good career related advice. I believe i have come to the right place.

A successful career as a self-taught “graphics” designer will depend entirely on where you are located.
In the US, entry level designer qualifications require a 4-year degree and 2 years of real world experience. That is what you are competing with on an entry level.

The entry level freelancing market that exists currently shouldn’t exist. It does because Graphic Design (no “s”) is about the only profession out there where anyone with a computer can call themselves one without any credentials.

To really move up in a GD career, again in the US, I’d recommend schooling to the Bachelor level. To move beyond being a designer into design management (where the money is) I might recommend a complimentary Masters, though it can be done without.

Sorry if that is a bummer. It didn’t used to be like that 15-20 years ago, when a good portfolio and a lot of drive would get you in the door. But some of those that rode that wave are now having difficulty finding work because they don’t have the piece of paper. Someone with 15 years of experience but no BA, doesn’t even get an interview. Today, there are far more designers than job openings, and far too many inexperienced designers vying for the same low paying clients.
Good luck.

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It’s true. I remember being ahead of the curve graduating with an Associates degree. Designers perhaps had a certificate at best then. I wasn’t even encouraged to pursue a bachelors.

I ended up going back to school some 5 or so years later.

I know for certain in the north east USA you wont be getting a respectable job without a BA.

Welcome, Denise. Post, read, learn, participate, grow.

Sup yo?

Any relation to Paris Hilton?

Welcome to the forum!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Denise how are you and welcome on this site.

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