I brought booze and cocktail weenies!

Hey, all!

My name is Steve. I’ve been a self-employed designer since the early 90s. Yeah, I’m old enough to have made mechanicals and still own a waxer. Many years ago, I was pretty active on the mighty HOW forum (same user name). That group largely migrated to Facebook and the forum was eventually closed. I made the transition to Facebook, but it didn’t really take as I’m not a fan of Facebook. I do miss the camaraderie of having an online place to interact with other designers, so I thought I’d give GDF a go. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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Welcome Steve_O.

The owners of the old HOW forum stopped caring and didn’t let the moderators moderate. It turned into a mess and was taken over by spam before HOW finally closed it. Like you I was there, but I can’t even remember my user name.

Anyway, this forum isn’t like that. It’s no longer owned by an uncaring corporate entity, and I think it’s got a fighting chance because some of us, like you and me, prefer an actual conversation to the hit-and-run nature of Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I use Facebook too, but I like a real forum better.

Anyway, like I said, thanks for showing up (I too still have my old waxer hidden away in a drawer somewhere).

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Hi Steve_O
I remember your name being on the HOW forum. I was over there too but didn’t participate much because there was a cast of youngster trolls over there that were just plain tiresome. I think my screen name was Mutley or something like that.

I was a daylight stat cam operator for a bit just before the changeover to digital. Never had a waxer.

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Ha! My fingers get permanently brittled from handling a little too many PMTs. Those were the days. I do have a waxer and a good (?) supply of wax bars.

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Hey Steve!! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

We’ve all been around a while … my edges are getting a bit crispy LOL :smiley:

I dipped my toe in the HOW forum many moons ago and made a fast retreat. Far too much drama for me. I found GDF soon after and never left :wink:

I too use Facebook, but mainly for staying in contact with family. I’ve grown tired of all that FB BS as well.

My internet life grew up on Forums and they will always be my first love :wink: All the other social media crapola can fly a kite and I won’t be heartbroken :wink: Let’s just say I have them, but rarely use them. I wouldn’t know how to snap a chat if someone paid me … But, the filters are fun LOL :smiley:

Now…where are those cocktail weenies?? I’m starvin’ :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks for the welcomes!

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Hello there. I’ll take the booze.


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