I can’t find my risk sharing post

The post was the right length and answered my post about risk sharing. I received a lot of great replies but one was better that the others. He taught me more about prospecting and even gave me literature to look up at the library, which now I’m ready to do, but I can’t seem to locate his response. I seem to recall that he answered my post twice and the answer he gave was on prospecting with some very detailed and helpful direction. I’m still relatively new here, so it was a Godsend! With all of its detailed info. I really need to find it agai n. Please help!

Here you go :wink:


If you ever need to find one of your posts … click on your avatar on the upper right and then click on the little gear symbol. It will open your preferences and then you can click on Activity and all your postings will show :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you, but that’s the post that I put up, I’m searching for a post from someone that responded to me. He gave me a lot of very valuable insights and I can’t locate his post…

Try clicking the blue title: “risk sharing”

@US_IDeaS as KemingMatters said … click the blue ‘‘Risk Sharing’’.

That will take you to the whole thread. When we post a link sometimes it forms a preview of that posting. Hope that helps. If you still can’t get to it.

Click Here

I finally found it! I never found the “blue risk sharing,” but this time I was able to see all of the responses, so I found it that wavy! What a relief! Thank you!!

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