I design RawSheaButter Packaging any Crit?

I’d say it looks like peanut butter or other consumable product packaging.
I’m pretty sure Shea Butter is for external use on the body - as a moisturiser or other skin health benefits.

It looks like you could eat this - so what am I missing?

I know you can eat it - and it’s used in cooking too.

So it’s confusing packaging as to who the end user is.

What do you mean by Consumable Product ? can you pls give me some examples ?
And Yes you are right it will use on body. but can you pls more define me how it look likes for eating?

I wasn’t especially familiar with shea butter, so I looked it up.

The label caused me to assume it was an edible spread, like peanut butter, marmite, or nutella.

I found that shea butter might be edible, but is more commonly used as a cosmetic salve. However, the packaging doesn’t look like a cosmetic. In a market, the context of where it was placed would clue people in to what it was for, but I also suspect that with this packaging, people might also try spreading it on toast.

Setting this rather important consideration aside, it’s a nice-looking label. I like the little drip.

Food packaging looks delicious and tasty.


Salve and ointment packaging is more straightforward and unadorned with a vague medical look.

Skin care cosmetics typically use more elegant-looking packaging.

In addition, if the shea butter is used as a salve, ointment, or cosmetic, it needs to indicate that on the label.

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Here’s a cooking version

Here’s a cosmetic version

Just the general look of it - looks like a jar of peanut butter or chocolate spread - which I’ve already said.

Plus the drip down the side makes it look it is melted and/or spread onto a food or something.

Looks like it be - hey come and lick me

It’s a nice label - as already mentioned.
It’s just a bit confusing.

I’m not the target audience for this - so maybe some more focused audience members would have a different view.

I do like the label.

But should have something like ‘not for consumption’ or something clear on the label.

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Short and sharp :hocho:

  • The brand is almost completely illegible (it’s so small and delicate).
  • The distressed type for “Raw Shea Butter” makes it hard to read and feels inappropriate to me.
  • There are so many conflicting styles of typeface on the label, that all send conflicting messages - it all feels very random
  • As others have questioned - who is your target audience?
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It’s pretty much all been said :wink:

The only other thing I see is it’s reading as “Raw Skea Butter.” The distressing isn’t working.

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Definitely agree with this after viewing on my phone where the image is much smaller.