I hate …

… people leaving scotch tape stuck on the drafting table (or any surface for that matter). With a passion.


Personally, I save my passions for things more consequential than tape stuck to a table. :wink:

I have a nice oak drafting table left over from years past that mostly sits there beckoning me to use it more. But I do remember sharing drafting tables and dealing with pieces of tape that needed to be chipped off a piece at a time with my fingernail then bathed in rubber cement thinner to get the sticky residue off. Yeah, now that I think about it, it was annoying and almost worthy of whacking someone with metal t-square. :grin:


Myself, I’d prefer the sharp point of one of my set squares. Great for poking in the eyes.

Another thing that incurs my wrath is people keep swiping my pen. It may be a Bic, but it’s my Bic.

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Just go around asking, “Has anyone seen my rectal thermometer? Looks like a bic pen…?”

Today I’m not hating anyone/anything. I’m not at work.


Is this “I hate” for work related things or things in general?

I don’t hate all that much really … hate implies I care :grin:

Now if you want to earn my wrath … do stupid crap. Leave the empty milk carton in the fridge. Use the last of the TP and not grab another roll. I’m not even demanding it be put on, I know that is a time consuming and rather tricky job … just stick it on top. I’ll take care of it :wink:

I will say I have a bit of a pen (or any writing implement) fetish. If someone were to take my pen, one might think a felony has occurred :smiley:


Anything at all.

I must be getting grumpy in my old age. Bigger things don’t bother me, but it’s the small things that piss me off as hell.

… like people taking things and not putting them back to their rightful places.

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… and the one who was chewing on my Bic just barfed.

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I hate it enough when someone comes and stands behind me to discuss something on my computer screen, but then when they reach over me and touch my screen…

Let’s just say its a good thing letter openers aren’t all that common anymore.

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I use X-Acto knife to open letters.

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Heh, I don’t get letters.

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The invasion of personal space is awkward enough, but the rudeness and the inevitable fingerprints left on the display are infuriating. There have been times when I’ve felt like grabbing their hand and snapping their greasy little fingers.

At least one good thing about this COVID-induced working from home thing is not having to deal with that. Then again, if I weren’t stuck at home, I probably wouldn’t be nearly so grumpy.

Yeah, I hate that too, among a lot of other things. That means I care, just like @RedKittieKat said.

Somehow I never denied the rumour that I was a vindictive guy, and I had a baseball bat prominently displayed in my office. That seemed to help.

Nowadays, that would be considered ‘threatening.’

I have a 3’ length of 3/8" proof coil chain on my desk, draped over a 2’ long piece of 2" solid clear acrylic square stock.
They’re process samples.
I swear!

I didn’t deny the story that I was a baseball fan either.

Wholeheartedly agree, and I for one am happy that my boss will let me continue to work from home after this is all over…

Oh sorry what do I hate? yes … customers dropping in and expecting to sit with you, pointing at the screen while you move things around. This was rare anyway because of my attitude :roll_eyes:

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Yay, another kindred attitude.

That makes 3 of us. For the longest time I wasn’t even allowed to email a client. Now I’ve learned to smile when I type them rather than grind my teeth.


…people who underestimate other human beings and are misanthropic.

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Ha! I hate people who hate people too! :joy:


… always seem to get the dodgy wheel trolley at the supermarket!

… when in a traffic jam I move into the other lane as it’s freer than the others, then that comes to a standstill, and the other lane moves

… Kids who don’t move off the pavement when you’re clearly going to bump into 20 of them.

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