I hate …

It’s not only unhealthy, it’s unrealistic and counterproductive. Multitasking doesn’t really work. It’s only possible to concentrate on one thing at a time. Every switch back and forth while changing gears wastes time and breaks the flow.

Multitasking is the ability to do several things at the same time poorly.


OOf yeah, the last week or two in my office has been like that. All the big clients who’ve been sitting on their hands for the last 3 months decided they needed their things NOW now. It’s a headache and a half, trying to deal with everyone insisting they need to be at the front of the line. Actually, that reminds me of a funny story - in the movie “Wreck It Ralph” they had a bunch of villainous characters on screen at the same time, and nearly every single one of the licensing companies said they wanted their character to be “bigger than everyone else in the room” - which, obviously, wasn’t going to work out.

Same kind of deal - to everyone else, the thing they need is the most important thing, so obviously theirs should come first. You’ve gotta learn what to prioritize and when and how to pivot when those priorities shift, and when to stand your ground and make your limitations clear. It’s definitely stressful, but unless you only have to appease one person, it’s something you’ve gotta deal with. I’ve found the phrase “As soon as I finish…” to be pretty darn helpful.

Home depot can ship a fridge ordered in my store to your store for pick up in said store. Lets make that happen. The GE cafe french door 4199.00 I am all set for your credit card.

Oh, that $1200 Mini I ordered? Supposed to be signed for?
Showed up on the coldest day in February (about -7°) and they left it on the front stoop at noon time. No sig. Luckily my sister was at the house and saw the FedEx van drive off. She went out and rescued it. Otherwise, it might have still been there when I got home at 530pm. Or not.
Yeah, I hate Apple.

Willy, you can keep the fridge.

Geech, those are awfully pricey. I looked it up and it seems there are various matching appliances, like the $2,799.00 wine cooler. They sure look nice, though, but I’m going to pass.

For what it’s worth, though, I am in the market for a GE electric stovetop.

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So, I’m not sure so much if this qualifies as “hate”, but we hired a new writer/proof reader and he provided a scan of a PDF with handwritten edits back to me on an 8 page document. The edits were fairly minor so I’m letting it slide, but I told him next time to just provide markup directly on the PDF through Acrobat. The saddest part is there were two long URLs that needed to be added to the document that are filled with general URL “gibberish” that he hand wrote.

Clearly a glutton for punishment. I told him to email me the two URLs since it was more work for him and me to re-type them.

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Definitely a “hate”. I once had a proof faxed to me, with handwritten changes overwritten on top of the body copy. I had her e-mail to me again listing page number, column number, what paragraph, what line, what changes. Naturally she was not very pleased, but complied though. I was able to maintain my paper trail.

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