I hope you will have a lot of patience with me! (:

Hi everyone!

Let me share with you how I got here. I’m sure some of you will have a giggle or two.

I want to be able to publish my own websites in the future and to do that properly you need a lot of skills these days. I was focusing on learning HTML and SEO and thought ‘how hard can it be to make a simple text logo in various dimensions’, well that might be my worst miscalculation this year.

I only had Gimp since I didn’t even know the difference between raster & vector based software 3 days ago so I designed a simple text logo with a diagonal line under it at 3000 x 2000 pixels. Probably way too big but someone once told me you need to make it bigger than you need it for the best results.

Before I filled the background with black to continue and create my biz card design, I merged the text and line layer, auto-cropped the new layer and exported that as a png to use as a website logo with a 50-pixel height.

After filling the background and saving it at 3000 x 2000 pixels, I noticed Vistaprint asks for a 1040 x 685 document so I scaled it to 1040 x 693, keeping the aspect ratio and expecting to lose a little bit at the top and bottom and saved it again.

Next, I opened both images on my laptop and that’s when my misery began. I noticed the smaller one didn’t look sharp to me from viewing distance although the image was displayed at 100%.

I looked for help online and people explained how I was better off using vector editing software because I could make one design and resize, rotate, do whatever I want with it and it will still look good. However, they also said you could use raster editing software too if you create the image at 100%, the size it will be used.

So eventually, I re-created everything in Inkscape and you could say that my problem is solved, but what I’ve been told contradicts what I have experienced with Gimp and I just can’t let it go, I need to get to the very essence of this and fully understand it before I can continue life :smile:

Welcome to the forum, Freek. I’d made a stab at answering your questions on your other thread: https://www.graphicdesignforum.org/t/text-not-sharp-when-viewed-at-100/4656/2

Feel free to ask additional questions. The subject you’re bringing up is a little bit counterintuitive, but there are several forum members here who know a whole lot about it (even when we can’t sometimes explain it all that well). :wink:

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