I’m New to LA Film School and this forum

Hello everyone my name is Danitza Ortiz Rodriguez I’m 31 native of Puerto Rico but I’m living in cold Ohio now.:grin: I have a one year old little boy who’s the light of my life. I just started with LA Film school this month and I’m super excited. I’m a little rusty on my graphic design and super lost without photoshop but my passion for graphic design started back in 2010, when my very good friend was going to school for graphic design. I loved his work so much I begged him to teach me and well he did. I’m very easy going and funny so feel free to speak I need friends who share my same passion.:grin:

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Welcome Aboard Danitza!! :sunflower:

We’ve had quite a few of your fellow LAFS students join us over the past few days :slight_smile: So you’ve got something in common with several already :wink:

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Thanks I love that you replied. I feel so welcomed already :grin:

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Hi Danitza. Welcome to GDF. Winters are lots colder in Ohio than in Puerto Rico (no hurricanes, though). :slight_smile:

For sure safer but so cold so so cold :cold_face: but I can’t complain now I’m doing what I love which is going to school for what I should have when I got out of high school. :grin: :grin:

In that case I will not try and persuade you to move to Canada.

Welcome to the forum.

Idk I move around so much I’m kinda ready to move :rofl: :rofl:

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