I need your reviews and suggestions for my work



Kindly let me know , how my logos are.
And any suggestions,tips,ideas to provide best works welcome.Kindly help me to be a expert in Logo Design.

Thank u

I like your use, of color, and typography. 2021-12-20T11:00:00Z

Are you a student? Both of you?

That green color in both logos is likely unprintable in CMYK…

they seem sort of plain. I’m all for simplistic design but most of these seem to just be words set in typefaces. some sort of iconography might help or a symbol to represent the brand. you can even do that with as logotype treatment but it seems like you just set the names and moved on. might want to start again.

I’m not trying to be overly harsh, but I have to be honest. What you’ve shown is completely amateurish. This looks like someone was just messing around. I see no knowledge of design, no conceptual work, no sensitivity to type, and no idea about reproduction.

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Me too

If you want to become an expert in some field of design, do what most of us did. Attend a reputable school and study design, or work at least ten years under the guidance of experts in the field who know what they’re doing. Preferably, do both of those things.

I’m sorry to be harsh, but your work is entirely unacceptable. You’re obviously an amateur with little to no training who’s attempting to be a designer without any of the necessary skills, insight, or knowledge.

You’ve not explained your thoughts on anything you’ve shown to us. Logos aren’t just pretty pictures; they need to be tailored to the client’s business and their customers in memorable ways and serve the client’s objectives. I have no idea how any of what you’ve shown us does that.

You’ve used RGB colors that lie outside the CMYK gamut. They can’t print using process color printing. Do you even know what CMYK is, what it means, or why it’s essential to printing? Do you have any understanding at all of reflective versus subtractive colors?

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Hi Print Driver, I find your commentary offensive, as CMYK, works online. I don’t mean to be rude, I was hoping, for a polite, exchange of ideas.

Pardon me, but I don’t think you meant the word ‘‘offensive’’. There is absolutely NOTHING offensive in any replies in this post.

Your comment is confusing to me. CMYK is used for print and RGB is used for digital. The two can and will look very different. Since most logos end up needing to be printed, it was pointed out the green is probably not going to work.

That’s just how it works. Otherwise the OP hasn’t been back, so I’m not sure what exchange of ideas you were looking for since it’s been nearly a month since anyone has said anything. :wink:

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I pointed out that the bright intense green that appears almost neon in RGB likely will not print well in CMYK. You may be able to print it in a spot color (if there is an ink mix that will approximate whatever resource is provided for a match.) But in CMYK, it will dull down significantly to a grayish green.

This is an amateur mistake when doing ‘logo design’ as pointed out by others in this thread.

I also asked because this is in the Crit Pit section. There is a different forum section for Student work, where student status is taken into account in replies.
The Crit Pit description:
Post your work for critique, but wear your heavy sweater!

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