I still make art :)

I’ve always loved illustration and making art in general. Since I’ve last been an active member, I’ve really delved deeper and enjoyed making art as a pastime. I’ve enjoyed pen and ink pointillisms, traditional portraits and have a love affair with prismacolor markers. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. Walgreens is in prismacolor markers. The VW is pen and ink stippling. The little boy is my cousin in graphite. The Olympia Second line is “Booker T” Glass in stippling. More of my stuff is on my Behance Page https://www.behance.net/cjeffriesimage



Did you do the stipple drawing with a technical pen and tracing paper?

Just the other day I was watching a video on how the Wall Street Journal produces their stipple portraits that accompany a lot of their articles.

I’ve told you before CF, you blow my mind with your talent and abilities! I just love your work :heart::heart:

No. I draw a light sketch of critical lines and start making dots. I use micron pens. Here’s progression pics of Booker T Glass. I’m not sure if they’re in order, still getting used to the forum!

Thanks @RedKittieKat :heart:



Lol apparently they are not in order!

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Fixed :wink: :heart:

Very nice.

Nice work!
Love the progression pics.

Micron pens are the best!

Am I the only one who read “micron pens “ as something totally different?

Oh thanks RKK! I couldn’t figure it out from my phone. Thanks PD and schweta!

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You mean something like this?


You mean micro penis? That was my nickname in the military.

(Ya know, like when they call a big, fat guy ‘tiny’.) :lying_face:

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lmaooooo :smiley: Thanks … I nearly spit out my tea :smiley:

Haha! I never thought of this.

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Yep … that’s where my mind went as well :smiley:

I read micron pens… woah I’m so vanilla. Great pieces CF!

I’ve always loved your style. A long, long time ago I was into stippling and hatching … but your stuff blows mine out of the water. Love it.

Thanks y’all! I keep saying I’m going to start another stippled piece but don’t know what I want it to be. Planning to do pencil portraits of my two older kids next.

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Your work is amazing! Unfortunately, every time I see the title of this thread, I flash to Elmo, lol.
“Kids look at these crayons… I make art!”

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I’ve never heard Elmo’s version LOL . … that will be in my head all day now … thank you :smiley: