I wanna re-do this school project

I’m a soon to be senior at a career center and would like to re-do my junior year logo project

The thing I plan on improving already is definitely the lack of line weight. I originally did this logo in Clip so I could work on it at home but now that I have access to Illustrator at home I imagine that will help with the logo looking less sloppy. Really I’m not sure if I should change things like the layout. Here’s my sketches from the project to show what other things I had considered at the time of making it:

I would lose the little lines on the eyeball and the striped card. They won’t hold up when downsizing. Otherwise I quite like it :slight_smile:

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Its not bad, you could pay with the typography a little bit. Especially how the first E and last Y don’t line up perspectively to the edges of the card below it. And the upside down one is backwards. As in, it’s not rotated 180 degrees as it should be, but it’s flipped as well.

  1. You can find a cool vector line-art image online to create a more realistic back of the card with. Look at a deck of cards. See how much detail there is on the back?
  2. The font reads to me like a western movie / industrial age font. It’s too heavy to be “in the sky”.
  3. Also, remember a playing card face has a spin of 180º. Meaning it will look the same standing straight up or turned upside down. Just sayin.
  4. The lines in the iris should radiate from the center. It took me a while to see what it was that was bugging me, but that’s def. it.

Variation: You can include some casino chips with the eye logo then make the cards slightly more realistic (keep the style but emulate real cards IN your style). That way you don’t have to worry about the 180º spin AND you introduce the subliminal of winning.

Bear in mind that most line art stock images are not usable in logos per EULA…

Right. What I mean is you find a patten and take a section of it and create the back of the card using it as a reference when working. DO NOT steal art.

It’s excellent for student work though.

If the student is over 18 (or over 21 if alcohol is served in the gambling premises) no one should care if they gamble. Unless the school of a religious nature, I don’t imagine most care.

If they are under 18 or 21, it is illegal for them to be gambling to begin with.

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