I want friends to help me with my studies

I am K.Sujatha from India.
I want to learn Graphics Designing.
I want good friends to help me , to motivate me, etc,. to complete the course.
Kindly pls join me…

Thank you

Good friends take a long time to make. Just study hard.

Although I am being somewhat pedantic. The profession is called Graphic Design, not Graphics Designing.


There is a good reason we’re called “designers”, and not “designingers”.

Surely i will correct my spelling mistakes.
I am from India.
May i know where are you from?



Thank u so much
I will surely correct the spelling mistakes


I would suggest you look into a different career field. The Graphics Designing field is completely saturated.

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Hee hee … indeed. There are, however, a few spots left in the Graphic Design field.

Go to school. Even in India, graphic design is a saturated field with a lot of folks playing on crowdsource sites with little hope of being paid for their work.

I have enough trouble with college student interns who don’t know stuff. Not even willing to contemplate someone with no basics.


Thank u so much for ur kind words & timely help.

How about Web Designing Field?
Kindly pls let me know about the scope of Web Designing

Thank u

I have to start a wonderful career…
I need help which would be good for me

If web designing has so much scope in future what are all the things i am supposed to learn…

Thank u

You heard of “search engines”?

I thought friends will be of more helpful than the search engines…Thats why asking for help here

May i know about photo ediiting, video editing, etc,…Does these field bring me more projects ?

Have any idea?

Just help me
Thank u

What brings in projects is not the particular field of design, it is all about knowledge, skill and ability – and, of course, a natural aptitude / talent.

Most of us ‘old pros’ work across various ares. The important part is to get an education to be able to begin to understand, in the first instance, what the job is all about.

From your post so far, it seems to me that you are, perhaps, looking for a ‘quick-fix’ career. I am not reading a lot of passion for the subject, more a sense that you are simply looking for a lucrative career.

Unfortunately to have a long-term, sustainable career takes a long time. Typically, in the UK, a three-year degree (and preceding that, possibly a one year foundation course after your a-levels). Then, you’ll need four or five years of studio experience. Only at that point will you be able to call yourself a designer. Another 20 years after that and you may just be good at what you do.

If you go the university of YouTube, I wouldn’t hold my breath for your ability to earn a good living. You’ll be competing against thousands of other people bottom-feeding for $50 logo projects.

Learn properly and get an education if you want an actual career.

As others have said, why would somebody choose a designer with no education and no real-world experience for a serious professional project that needs to show discernible ROI results.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for a brief reply.

Hi Sprout,

Can you pls send me class notes and books used to learn design?.
Can u email me your class notes.
Things like combine studies are possible if you decide to help me.
Because of some reasons i can’t join any school here in India…

Just think & decide
Looking for a positive reply

Thank u

@bestsujatha … That’s not going to happen. Please don’t ask anyone to send you anything. I highly doubt they would be much good anyway unless you were taking that exact same class with the exact same instructor.

You have already been told what you need to do. No one here is going to take you step by step through anything. We are here to guide you and help out if you are stuck on something. We aren’t going to train you for a new career. This is a forum made up of well seasoned professionals who are freely giving of their time as it is.

You need to go to school for whatever you want to learn. At the very least start looking into some sort of course study be it online or in person. You seem to have no idea where to start. So, see what is available for training and school programs in YOUR area.

I think we have exhausted this.

Sorry i am extremely sorry for troubling you people.

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No trouble :wink: We don’t mind helping where and when we can, however you seemed to be going in a direction no one was going to be able to help you with. That needed to be addressed so you also understood.


Sorry for the late reply


How are you?

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