IHOP rebranding

Hey, who gave them permission to use ‘pancakin’??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What do you think? Smart move or not so much?


The new smiley logo is fine, but I don’t understand the IHOP vs. IHOb thing. I must be missing something.

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I would guess it’s for breakfast…but I don’t think IHOB rolls of the tongue as easy as IHOP does.

Also, does this have anything to do with the other IHOP(International house of prayer?) like when the WWF changed to WWE because of the other company dealing with animals.

House of Breakfast, maybe.
Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.
Whatever it is, it’s brilliant marketing. They have the whole news cycle and the entire internet talking about this tired old eatery.

The last time I ate at an IHOP was before they started calling it eyehop. It was on one of our many family road trips, I was probably 8 years old, and got soooooo sick from eating so much sugar garbage, I still wouldn’t go back, even if it were for free.

(edit: Ha, Calebninja. Jinx)

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I agree. Look at all the buzz they’re creating.

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IHOb is when you have a cold and want pancakes.

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At least they’re having some fun with it. :laughing:


Hey! Pancakin’ is our word! LOL :smiley: I guess I’ll let it pass :wink:

They are having fun with it and lots of folks are talking. I was there in January with my baby niece for her birthday. She got their birthday pancake :smiley: She was in heaven :slight_smile:

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And in other breakfast joint branding news . . .


Now I want Wabble House. :bacon:


Sooo, umm… not breakfast :flushed:


Didn’t eat there before; won’t eat there now.

I read an article not more than two weeks ago that said how all the hamburger-related fast food chains are hurting because of people’s changing tastes and a shift toward healthier food.

So now IHOP is joining the already over-saturated hamburger market? Unless there’s more to it than that, I’m predicting their slow slide into more location closures and eventual disappearance.

Denny’s did something similar last year, I wonder if they had a successful run at it causing IHOP to do the same.

Not sure how that’s all going to play out. I only make the trip to IHop maybe twice a year and that’s specifically because they do fancy pancakes. I’m surrounded by burger joints right here in my own neighborhood. And I rather like making my own :wink:

Regardless though it’s fun to watch it all play out online. Wendy’s is brutal man! :smiley: :smiley:



I gave up fast food burgers a looooooooong time ago too. Though I did try 5-guys a couple years back at a friend’s insistence they were “really good burgers.” Yeah, I hate his taste in “must see” movies too.

I’m with Wendy’s. Why would anyone buy burgers at a place that couldn’t make it selling pancakes? Good luck with that.

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Ugh. While one friend recoils at the very notion of you ingesting the tiniest morsel of animal tissue, another insists you eat from a paper bag that had melted beef fat soaking through it before they could get it across the counter and take your money.

Everybody just back the F off and I’ll eat what i want!


Pretty much sums up my experience with In-n-Out, except I was dumb enough to go back 2 more times thinking the first and second time were flukes.

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My sister thinks this is all a colossal joke and that after the buzz, IHOP will come out with,
“Just kidding folks, we’ve always been about pancakes. We just wanted to see if you still loved us.”


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