I'm an old man now

Yesterday out of the blue I decided to do a quick Google search for “Graphic Design Forum” and what do ya know?

I used to spend a lot of time here, back in my “younger” years trying to keep up with some of the amazing talent this group served up. Now, solidly in my mid-thirties (the oldest person at my agency what the hell?) I’m lucky to still be doing what I love and happily have a little more experience under my belt.

I work for a medium sized and growing digital agency and lead our creative development department. I also ran my own small agency for a hot minute and am starting to get the bug back to do some freelance design and/or development work.

Still having fun, happy to be back. Just thought I’d say hello!


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You’re hardly old (and younger than me). Welcome back!

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Welcome to the forum!
Holy moly if a fellow in the prime of his life is considered ‘old’, I must be dead! :joy:

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Hiya Brian!!!

Welcome Back! :slight_smile:

I’m almost double your age… I guess I’m getting really crispy lmao :smiley: :wink:

I’d take being in my mid-thirties. Hmmm, on second thought I would take my body being in it’s mid-thirties. I’ll keep the life and work experience, etc.

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Mid-Thirties? That means I started in print around the time you were born :slight_smile:

You may be the youngest one here to judge from other replies . . .

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“When I was a young man, the Dead Sea was merely sick.”
… to quote George Burns


Thanks for the warm welcome folks! Ok, maybe I’m not old but these 20 somethings I work with every day make me feel that way sometimes. It’s ok though, they keep me on my toes!

Tell us more! :grin:

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Know how you feel. I turn 32 in a few months and I’m already feeling really old. Unfortunately people mistake me for someone in my young 20’s because of how young I look, so at least I still get to be treated like someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing


welcome you old Geezer!! …_said from a guy older than you.

I am the oldest in my group of designers at my company (there are several groups). next designer is a few years younger, then it drops to below 30s.

I remember coming to the GDF back in the day, many years/companies ago…then it became difficult to use, and now it is good again and someplace i try to visit a few times a week again.


I am waiting for your creativity…

Hi Brian you old geezer :smiley:

I’m turning 35 this year and I’m the youngest person in my “company”. I’m a freelancer though and it’s just me and my hubby working from home.

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