I'm ready to dead~

Please check my behance work and drop your spiciest crit.
i don’t know will i cry or dead :coffin:

hey, here :arrow_down:

Hey there,

First thing first, even though I could fully understand that this is one of your projects on Behance, it would be really helpful if you could provide us with some further contexts. For example: What was your project about? Who was it for? What were your challenges/goals and how did you tackle them? These peripheral information would help us judge the project a lot much more easier.

In this case, I will assume that you were the designer of this website.

From my perspective, in overall, I like the clean design of your website. I believe navigating through the site in real time would be easy for even new users/readers. In addition, I believe your color choice is well-done, the value/contrast of the image and the navigation’s colors compliment each other very well.

That being said, there are a few things I believe you could fix to make it better:
First, I found the banner (the upper most image which is used under your navigation bar) a bit too large and empty. Maybe you could add some text? Some messages from the company/brand you are working for? Or their policies/motto? Or maybe you could divide the image into two parts and align it with some additional contents? If there are no contents which could be added, may be you could try scaling down the image for a bit to make its proportion more acceptable?

Second, I do understand that English isn’t your native language. However, I really do hope that you could ask for a friend/colleague to help you correct all of the grammar mistakes on the designed site. A website, first and foremost, is a communication tool used to convey messages/information from a company/institution/organization/individual to users. As such, I believe the number of typos on the site should be minimized as much as possible.

Third, from the images you show us here, there are some elements which seem to be incomplete. For example, in the contact us page, there are 2 fields for phone and name. If you are posting the project on Behance, it might be better to fix these small points first.

That should be all. Wishing you the best of luck

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thank you so much medabots1996
what a great review! i love it :heart:

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