I'm starting and would like opinions

This is the first work I did, it was for a site of handicrafts, crochet, sewing, etc. The subtitle is in my native language, portuguese, the translation is: Sophisticated, Classic, Versatile.

The second was for a commissioned job, the client asked for a round, rustic (practically in the same style) logo on organic beauty products that focused on environmental awareness with name of mark.

I await your opinion, a little nervous, i confess haha but i’m here to learn too, thank you in advance to all who devote themselves to take a peek and give their opinion.

Serious gaffe on the green one.
If you are not this artist, you have totally infringed his artistic copyright.
I don’t imagine he would take kindly to his art being used in a logo.

The other image is from an 1800s magazine, and is technically public domain. I did find it on a clipart site whose usage license specifically forbids using it for commercial purposes even though they can’t lay claim to owning it. Clipart generally cannot be used in logos as the logos cannot then be trademarked. Most stock art sites expressly forbid logo usage.

Thirdly, unless you vectorized those images, they are raster and therefore not reproducible other than in print or on screen, and at the size limit of the pixels.

Technical gaffes include using thin outlines on letter forms and the letter placement within the circles. The orange one is off center. The green one is off center and crowding the edges.

Okay, thanks for your considerations. And yes, the images are vectorized, they are intended for online use only, directed to websites and blogs. I do not know how it works abroad, here in Brazil an image falls into the public domain 70 years after the death of the original author.

Mr. Al-zoubeidi is currently 24 years old and living in Australia.

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