Imposter Graphic designer hahah

Hi There,

Mokojoko here :slight_smile:
I’m an mainly an illustrator, who studied animation and always joked with my graphic designer friends on how they weren’t really “artists”(whatever that even is)…as luck would have it, I now primarily do graphic design for work hahah.

I’m joining this forum to learn from others and get valuable feedback on my work. I have a rough idea on how to design things, but I know I am missing out on key fundamentals, which I am hoping to be exposed to here.

Nice to meet ya’ll :blush:

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Welcome to the forum! :blush::taco::bacon:

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Let’s hope we can help!

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The whole graphic designers aren’t artists thing has never bothered me. Graphic design isn’t about art; it’s about finding visual solutions to problems. There are certainly artistic skills and judgments involved, but the art is more of a means to and end and not the end itself. When people call me an artist, I usually correct them by saying, I might be an artist on my own time, but at work, I’m a designer.

In any case, welcome to the forum. There are some very helpful people here who love answering questions and giving feedback.


Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile: :taco: :beer:

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Awesome, sounds great! :smile:

And very good point, I suppose the visual communication is the primary function, then the art.

Welcome to the forum!

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