Intro for psshmedia

Hey everyone!

Wanted to quickly introduce myself. I too am a new student at LAFS majoring in Graphic Design online. My name is Danielle. Im 33 years old and live in Palm Springs, Ca. I have a business in Media and digital marketing (hence the user name) and own half of a clothing company called Collectic Society.

Thanks for having me. Look forward to getting use to this new platform and meeting all you guys,

I removed your intro from the other gals thread :wink:

Welcome to the Forum. :slight_smile:

We have a lot of folks from LAFS … we never see them after the intro. Will you be the first? :wink:

Welcome to the forum, Danielle. I spent about a week in Palm Spring a year ago and loved it. (I might feel differently during the hot summer. :wink:)

Hey!! haha aww its only three months. they go by quick! thats what the A/C is for! :wink:

Hello there!!

Thank you!!! this platform is all very new to me. I have no idea what im doing… ha! Ill try and stick around (:

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