Is it really a bad idea breaking the grid?

Hi brilliant designers!

I am testing some ideas to make the grid system in mobile be more dynamic and interesting, and my idea is mixing within-grid and off-grid compositions like this sketch.

(Imagine that all you can use are portrait-sized images, and the product information is always needed - what else we can do to make it more dynamic??)

Do you think this idea of breaking the grid is really a bad idea? I look forward to your honest comments!

Some rules are made to be broken. Others are to be strictly adhered to.

Breaking the grid belongs to the former.

Thanks for the comment! Totally agree with that spirit :slight_smile: How do you think about the example then?

The purpose of the grid is to provide visual order and continuity to the layout.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a couple of instances where breaking out of the grid makes the layout better.

  1. When layouts become too orderly and rigid, sometimes they also become boring. Developing a good gut instinct for where and when to break the grid to provide this variety involves some sensitivity and experience.

  2. When forcing the elements in the layout to conform to a grid would be detrimental to the looks and functionality of the layout. This is also an instance when the grid itself might need to be re-evaluated since it’s not working. However, sometimes, for various reasons, it can’t be helped.

I never even learned about this grid nonsense.

However, I do know –

  1. Make it look good
  2. Make it make sense
  3. Make it appropriate
  4. Make it pop

No. Scratch #4.

Regarding the example provided, without putting it under the microscope, from afar it actually does look like it adheres to some form for grid structure/pattern:


Utilizing a grid doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is perfectly aligned and symmetrical, but that the grid provides some underlying order and structure to the elements being displayed.

To answer your question, I think what you’ve done works fine from an aesthetic and functionality point of view.