Is this a good logo?

Choose one of these variants of logos for my application, please. The app is for the people who frequently lose their things and it helps them to easily find the thing they need. It also lets them make notes.ic_launcher

“one of these”? Where are these?

Sorry, there is a mistake. The text should start in this way “Can you please give a feedback for my logo”

I think my issue with it would be that its too generic. without the description it could be a search engine app, a mystery novel app, could be a tank game.

Moreover, I don’t like that the two white lines in the middle contrast too much which makes me look at it instead of the magnifying glass.

Whats your applications name?

Please elaborate on the app… is there hardware associated with the app? How can the app help me find my car keys when I loose them, or my wallet, which frequently happens. Give us more detail on the app and this will help us give more suggestions and context as to what the app does and the benefit of having the app.

Do you know the criteria in which we critique logos?

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