I've come here to cross pollinate


I am not a graphic designer, nor do I have the desire to be one.
What I am is a niche printer, with a home based business.

My husband and I print custom labels for home use poker chips. Pretty niche right?
All us poker chip nerds can be found at pokerchipforum

We are busy, there has been a waitlist for our services for years, so we don’t have the time to do any design work. We have to focus on output to keep the waitlist down to a dull roar, and only accept jobs that have artwork ready to print.

The problem that I am seeing more and more these days, is there aren’t enough graphic designers around our community to serve this customer base…

There are a hand full of users on the PCF who do design work, but it’s a side gig. There is more demand than there than designers willing to do the work, and these guys have no idea where to find designers.

I thought I would put it out here, if you are looking for some side gig work, there may be a place for you on the PCF. If you are looking to practice logos, this might be a way to do that as well.

Poker chip labels present some unique design challenges.

  • 99.9% of the time, the images you create will be on stickers that are no bigger than 7/8" to 1" in diameter. Most armature designs are way too cluttered for the space.

  • When the poker chip is in use, in the middle of a table, you are over a foot away and should still be able to read the denomination of the chip.

  • The design often has to match the chips themselves. We do the colour matching on our end, but quite often the design has to take those colours into account.

Feel free to message me here if you have questions, or better yet, go lurking on pokerchipforum and see if you want to try your hand at some itty bitty design work.

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Paying work? How much can you possibly get paid for a poker chip?

Yep! Charge for the design.

It will go on anywhere from 20 to 2000 chips…
Take a look around on the PCF and see…

May never amount to anything but I dig poker, and chip design could be a fun thing to learn about. I’m interested enough to splash around a bit over there.

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It will go on anywhere from 20 to 2000 chips…
Take a look around on the PCF and see…

Man that is great. I woul life to learn your tactics while planing poker

great job!