I've created my first resume ever :D

I am actually studying to enter a university right now. When it comes to work, they also want 2 to 4 years of experience. But I never tought of working in a print shop, that sounds fun.

I understand you perfectly, but they don’t even give me a chance to prove myself, because I am a quiet type of a person.

White text on a black backgrund is very uncomfortable to read. Never use it in a resume because it might be rejected right away.

Highlight your work experience and skills, rather than education.

Leave your interests out, unless they are directly related to the position you’re applying for and/or really original and unusual.

Also, it’s very important that your resume be tailored for a particular job offer.

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Thank you! I thought the dark one looked cool but you are most likely right about that. Even tough I liked how it looks, most people probably will hate it, because noone looks at a resume at night I am assuming.

Also, do really most people have multiple resumes?

You must carefully read every job offer you want to apply to and tailor your resume to address the particular needs of each company.

If they are looking for, say, a branding expert, you must highlight your branding-related experiene and skills.

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Definitely the white one. The black version will be a mess to print.

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On top of that, if the prospective employer wants to write some remarks next to your copy, he’ll be mildly annoyed. You don’t want that to happen.

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I’m glad I didn’t hesitate and opened this topic, thank you everyone :hugs:

I just thought the dark mode would print in black and white. I did that for a CV design for someone else who requested it. It worked in a pdf.

But I thought was an online CV when j saw the dark and light mode, I thought you were just double checking if someone has dark mode enabled it would be legible.

Definitely the light mode for printing.

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I actually did it as an online resume, but it seems reasonable for someone wanting the printed version. I’ve asked my friends that doesn’t really know how graphic design works or it’s rules, and they like the dark mode more. I’ll keep it just in case someone wants it, but I’ll use the black on white as the default one.

People will definitely print your cv and keep it on file.

I have one more question. Is there a skill an employer is looking for? What core courses should I definitely take and add them to my resume?

A degree in graphic design.

So, you are saying that I should wait 3 or 4 years to earn money.


Most of us - well I did anyway - an apprenticeship for 4 years. During this time I worked and went to college.

Before I got into prepress and graphic designer I was a screenprinter. I transitioned to the computers by doing a 6 month full time course. Which involved me taking me out of my well paid job and go back to a very basic underwhelming pay.

After I finished my 6 month course - I then applied to about 50 different print and design companies within walking/cycling/commuting distance. I lived near to the city centre and also to various industrial estates - there was a few to apply to.

I heard back from about 50% of them. And got an interview with most of them.

I decided on a place that an educational plan and worked with me to develop me.
This involved an apprenticeship and how it worked:

Year 1 and 2 = 3 months on the job, 9 months in college
Year 3 = 6 months on the job, 6 months in college
Year 4 = 9 months on the job, 3 months in college

Paid by the job, but they were subsidised by the government during my off time in college.

During the Years 1 and 3 - I had a part-time job at the weekend (when I wasn’t doing overtime in printing place) that I worked as a security guard from Friday night, 12 hours shift Saturday and 12 hour shift Sunday.

That gave me 30 extra hours of pay.

Similar to you in many ways.
You have enough to get your foot in the door.

But in the door with a company who is interested in developing you.
Ask them about any courses they would be willing to sponsor you on.
Ask them if there is an education path for young starters.

In the meantime - you can apply to local colleges and universities and try to get on a course.

Similar to the work situation and interviews - with the college - ask them do they have a work placement scheme. Usually they have already partnered up with local businesses to get the students from the classroom to the design studios.

You need to make your own way in this world.
Jobs and education don’t fall out of the sky and land in your lap.
For a few years, you’ll have to work hard, maybe even 2 jobs. Maybe on low wages.

You need to apply for the jobs, you need to apply to the colleges.
And most importantly, you need to apply yourself.


Thank you for another detailed comment. You’re right, nothing will most likely come into my lap unless I rush forward. But, I also want to create art, illustrations for people. I may take commisions, or create gigs in ko-fi, fiver or something like that. I also don’t know why it auto corrects fiver with double r to zombo dot com :rofl:. Is it not good or easy to use as it seems, or is there something else?

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It does that because this forum doesn’t condone that crowdsourcing website or most/all crowdsourcing sites for various reasons. You should read www.nospec.com

And their articles

You should look in your local community or volunteer design services to your local charities.

I often do work for free for several charities that are close to my own beliefs.
ISPCA and a few others.


Ah ok! Good to know! I was just wondering why ********** is replaced with the page Zombo com,… I asked a question if this page is worth using but without any explanation my post was edited with Zombo com…:joy: There are people who are new and do not have the motivation necessarily to spam or advertise. Some just want to inform themselves!

You know it’s not allowed and you still insist on getting it inserted by going around the rules.

It’s explained in the post above you by me - and you still didn’t even bother reading it.

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Read the RULES!

That will inform you :slight_smile:

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