Just joined your forum

Hi Just joined your forum, hope to meet and get to know you guys over time.

A little about myself. I run a rather busy adult webmaster forum for 14 years, just re-branded the domain.

Not sure if it is politically correct to ask, so if it isn’t edit this part of my post. Where can I make a post looking for a graphic designer to do me a few logos and banners.

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Hiya TheButcher :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard!!! :taco::pizza::taco:

Wanna be called Butcher, Butch, TB?? 'Cause I am incapable of using full names for the most part :smiley:

And it’s not a problem to ask at all … we happen to have a spot right here just for work requests. Make sure you include an email so those interested can correspond directly with you :slight_smile:

Enjoy the forum!! eatdrink042_zps81d3db8e

TheButcher if possible or Butcher



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Oy… and now you throw Dave in there :smiley:

I’m old and confuse easily :stuck_out_tongue:

… anyhoo…

Glad you joined Butcher :slight_smile:

That was a nice one RKK

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