Just Saying Hi

Just joined and wanted to introduce myself.

I’m a freehand artist and Illustrator who has primarily done drawing and illustration in ink and pencil and some amount of digital creation in vector and raster based software programs over the years.

I have also worked alongside my partner and spouse - who is a full stack web developer - in creating designs for websites so I have previous experience with web design there, as well.

I want to improve my skills and workflow and need advice on many things design related (including how to interact most effectively with clients in various situations) and this seems like a great place to come for that.

I have generated a favorable impression of this community, so far, after browsing through some of it, so I look forward to being a part of it.

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Thanks for joining. Looking forward to having you around.

Welcome Aboard!! :slight_smile:

So glad you found us :heart:


Hello, Welcome…Definitely you will learn new things with great discussions here…

Hi! And welcome!

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