Kia unveils new logo

KIA revealed its new logo and brand slogan in a world-record-breaking light show in Seoul.

Watch the show:


It’s like you have to know the name KIA to understand that logo. If you’d never heard of them, I don’t think you’d read it as KIA.

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I saw the new KIA logo announcement mentioned in several places around the web yesterday. This puzzled me since it was mentioned on this forum over a year ago.

Perhaps that first announcement was a preliminary decision and that after a year of research, they finally decided to go with it. That’s just a guess, though.

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K with a backwards N

Not a good look for KIA:

They’re saying now that the ship was top heavy when a bunch of compact cars were offloaded and replaced with much heavier KIA Tellurides. Of course not KIA’s fault. Whoever didn’t do the math on that load in, on the other hand, is quietly looking for a new job.

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