Ladies and Gentleman presenting me

Hi folks ! it’s me mario…ahhh i mean benjamin. 24 year old living in the beautiful austria. i completed my apprenticeship as a sales person in a telecom shop 2012 and did get to design last year in september . i had so much fun doing this so that my goal was getting better and better. i never was good at drawing but i saw getting better in graphic design. at the moment i’m looking for a job. i’m in discussion with 3 companies who are thinking about offering me a apprenticeship shortened to 1,5 years to be like a certified graphic designer. i want to get better at UI/UX design. i just love the designs of presenting mobile devices like this one that’s also the reason why i signed up to look through the forums or ask for help to create something similar. i hope i find what i’m looking for :slight_smile:
ohh and i also have a website with my works i have done so far

Hi Peoplez! Welcome to GDF :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of an apprenticeship programme for graphic design before. Are there exams or tests that you have to complete to become certified?

Hi Buda, thanks for welcoming me. Exactly it’s like a normal apprenticeship like for being a sales person. but because i already have a apprenticeship absolved. i have the opportunity to make another one but this time for half of the time. i will have to go to school for a preset time. and work normal in a agency. but of course it isn’t that easy. 'cause first of all i have to find a company who will take me as a trainee. and normaly they only look for already certicfied graphic designers. if that is all managed the next hard part is do absolve this apprentice ship of half time instead of full 3 years.

Oh OK. We don’t have graphic design apprenticeships in my country, only internships for students which is usually for 1-3 months. 3 years is a long time.

Do you have internships as well? Or is that similar?

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