Late bloomer, discovering the design process

Hey there,

I’m halk3n, a 33 year-old amateur graphic designer (not so sure about that title just yet, but it must be uttered for it to manifest I suppose ;)) that stumbled upon the art not too long ago when I was dicking around with a promotional flyer for a foreign language social gathering. I was surprised at how “decent” and “eye-catching” the end product wounded up.

So a few more semi-successful experiments later, I’ve developed a conviction that if I stick to this craft long enough, I might just get somewhere with this newborn discipline of mine! Who knows?

That leads me to here.

I’ve thought it beneficial to meet others finding their way upward in this profession, veterans contributing their knowledge and experience, or just all around hobbyists that, like the aforementioned, give out critiques and examinations on whomever dare to showpiece their creativity, setting aim for improvement and refinement for the betterment of their art.

What with making friends along the way too!

Anyways, that’s it for now. Looking forward to meeting all of you.


Hi Halk3n. Welcome to the forum. You’ll find beginners to those of us who have been working for decades in the field. :grinning:

Welcome Aboard!!!


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