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Hi Everyone,

I am building a design template for a tv show. Wondering what the latest and greatest design trends are at the moment? Thanks for any help.

This is a really wide open question.
What is a design template for a TV show?
What kind of TV show?
What kind of audience?
What viewing market?
And why would you want to go with a trend that could end tomorrow, or worse, appear similar to other things out there.
TV is cutting edge. Outdo the others and design to the show’s specific niche.

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The show is cutting edge; very topical. It’s a web video type show. Aimed at 18-30.

PD- What are some cool, trending looks? Colors? Themes? Shapes?
Give me something.

Design what it takes to engage the TV show’s target audience instead of concentrating on here-today, gone-tomorrow trends. Besides, designers should be trendsetters, not follower. A cutting-edge television show is a wide-open chance to experiment and design something ahead of the curve instead of following a me-too trend.

As for things I’m seeing more of that I think are useful, more elaborate and integrated animations are on the rise, but they’re time-consuming do unless you resort to the old tried-and-true GIF files.

Similarly, illustrations also seem to be making a well-deserved comeback. Then again, both those seem to be an odd fit for a television show where video might be more appropriate. My guess is that movement rather than static might be needed, though — whether video or animated graphics or type.

Bold, garish color seem to be growing in popularity too, but that’s a trend I can do without.

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I’m not here for a lesson in how to design for TV. I’m here asking for design trends. Illustrations? GIF?

Nevermind I mentioned tv. It directed you guy to things you dont know about.
Come on guys. Vaporwave is making a comeback right? 80’s themes?

B, you were on the right track with garish colors. Other than liquid motion what else is cutting the edge of design and motion design.

Sorry you don’t like the answers you been given, but that’s the risk you take when when you ask a question.

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Eric, if you want to know the latest trends, just look around. That’s exactly what we’d have to do to answer your question.

We are nice enough to share answers if we already know them. But we aren’t here to do your research for you. I don’t research latest trends because I’m not interested in them. Like Mr-B suggest, I’d rather be a trend setter than a trend follower. I’d rather customize a design to solve my client’s problem rather than plug in someone else’s design that was meant to solve some other client’s problem.


Those weren’t answers.

In order to be a trend setter you must know what the trends are. This whole thread is design 101. You got to get with it.

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This is part of my research.

If that were true, nobody would have ever set the first trend to get the other trends started.

Originality matters.

Nothing is original.

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Nothing is 100% original. But there are many solutions that are unique enough to be called “mostly” original. Even if a trend-setting solution borrows elements from other solutions, the combination of elements can be original.

You don’t need to know the latest element combinations that are in use. The trend can be a combination of somewhat recent and distant past elements. Or it can be a complete revival of old missed or forgotten elements that quenches the thirst for something different.

Like it. In order to go from point A to point B you need to first know where you are. In the design world skeuomorphism is passe, over-done, and not trending. If you want to be original then design that. But no one will look at it until it’s relevant again.

Art and design are different. Be as original as possible in your art. Design has a purpose and must be shaped accordingly. Art is its won purpose.

Design is problem-solving. Unique problems warrant unique solutions, not trendy solutions.

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Here’s some TV news studio trends.
96 pages of them.
Apparently the latest trend is thick acrylic desktops, and red or blue color schemes.
Your mileage may vary if you aren’t doing a news studio.

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Or how about some talk shows
Only 4 pages here and no trendy trends.

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If a client asked you to draw a human skeleton would you draw an elephant just to be original? Nope. The trending this what your client asked for. So you draw the trendy skeleton. You’re missing the point completely. You’re idealism is nauseating.

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