Hi, since I’m actually having a hard time making my own sketch, so I just grab whatever template I see and combine them all to make an unknown output. No draft/model anything, just directly made something out of whatever I can get. Then, I render them in different filters. Now, they think I made this by sketch/pen tool or what, but no.


The concept that you can take something off the web without permission, combine it with other things and call it yours, is a myth.

For practicing composition, fine. The minute you try to sell it, you’ve violated quite a number of copyrights.

On this particular piece, you’ve combined differing styles and skill levels that don’t come together as one piece. The background is a standalone piece that is quite a bit more skilled than the figure in the foreground. Applying a blur or a texture doesn’t hide that.


I like the look of what you’ve done. It’s very nice, but…

From a commercial standpoint, as PD mentioned, I’d be very mindful of copyright issues. I suspect this kind of thing would go unchallenged 99.9 percent of the time, but there’s always the possibility of somebody claiming a copyright infringement.

For example, let’s say you sell one of these illustrations to a company for use in a national ad campaign. They get a cease and desist letter from the attorney of, maybe, the Associated Press claiming an intellectual property infringement on the background photo. Your client is forced to pull their entire ad campaign, which amounts to, say, a few hundred thousand dollars. When that happens, you’d likely be hit with a liability law suit from your former client or their insurance company demanding damages for knowingly selling them things you didn’t have a clear right to sell. At that point, you’d better be operating out of an LLC with a good liability insurance policy or you’d be at risk of losing several year’s worth of income.

As fine art, though, assembling things like magazine photos and newspaper clippings into collages is a time-honored practice. It’s the commercial part that can get you into trouble.


I love to collage things … from the net and from real publications. One of my passions at the moment is altering books filled with my collage creations. So much fun and so relaxing. It just lets the mind wander.

Aside from the VERY important things PD and JB brought up … I like what you have created :slight_smile:

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Hi, yes. Thank you for your pov, and I understand that from the very minute I made this. That’s why I didn’t mention like the same other artists who will put watermark in their artwork for copyright. And that’s why I have the guts to show y’all the original layers so that y’all know it’s just a combined output. Also yes, this is only for practice not for sell or anything at all :slight_smile:

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